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Throughout our journey with Jesus we have come to realize how incredibly important mentorship is for the christian walk. God calls the church a body for a reason and it is because we need one another, just as a physical body needs every component working together otherwise it can throw your entire system off.  The body of Christ is hurting right now. 


It is of extreme importance to do life together and to study the word of God together because it is here where iron sharpens iron. Strength and confidence grows from this place. When we walk alone in this life it can become dangerous allowing pride and bitterness to settle deep in our hearts which can then cause some unnecessary blind spots. When we have the right community and allow powerful mentors into our life, this helps us to see our blind spots and helps advance us into walking out the book that has already been written about us! 

We have created these mentorship programs for this exact reason. We understand how hard it can be at times to truly find the right community to help launch you and support you when you need it the most. Here at Living the Kingdom way, a true burning is happening to build community and help every single person that joins feel as if they belong. Even if it is for a short while, we have learned that in order to thrive in this life it helps to have a safe loving and powerful launching pad before take off! 

We also believe that through these mentorship programs you will be divinely aligned with heavenly encounters as well as true brothers and sisters in Christ. We have been praying for 2 years for these divine alignments and assignments. God has shown us that the time is now! The time is now for his children to come together and grow powerfully into every bit of what is already inside of you! We are here to encourage you to believe in all that you have been created for! 

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Is Christ in Me Membership right for you?

  • Are you seeking community with other believers?

  • Are you seeking deeper revelation in the Word?

  • Are you seeking dynamic teachers to help you recognize the true power of the word in your life? 

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Benefits of Individual Mentorship:

  • Two Mentors for the Price of one!

  • Mentors who fast and pray for you to receive direction and guidance from the Lord to help you achieve breakthrough

  • Are individual mentorship sessions right for you? 

  • Are you seeking mentors who can help reveal the roots of your unwanted behavior and help you truly break free?

  • Are you seeking accountability to push through to what God is calling you to do?

  • Do you feel stuck in the same patterns that keep holding you back?


  • Free 30 Min Consultation

  • $100/hr for individual sessions

  • 4 session package = $240 ($40 savings)

  • 8 session package = $400 ($160 savings) 




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