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Breaking   Ground

It is time to break free from what holds you back!

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Do you find yourself feeling complacent in life, knowing God has more for you but not fully understanding what it is?


Do you find yourself reverting back to the same patterns year after year or stuck in a cycle of bad habits which only bring regret? 


Do you find yourself worrying about things that you have no control over? 


Are you hungry for the “more” in your life? More freedom, peace, love, joy, finances, etc?

What is included for $299 six week Course: 


Downloadable Daily workbook that coincides with each day having scripture to meditate on with worship suggestions.


60 Day Dreaming with God Journal


Downloadable PDF's including habit tracker, I Am Statement tracker, Testimony Timeline


Access to Private FB Community where you can ask and discuss questions and get to build divine relationships with others in the course. 


Weekly Live Zoom Teaching and Mentorship Sessions.

Plus Behind the Scene Teaching Videos. 

Breaking Group 7 Day

Join The Kingdom Family!

Find freedom in your faith with Breaking Ground


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